Exhibition: Zagreb caving - yesterday, today and tomorrow


On the 127th anniversary of caving activities in the city of Zagreb, 80 years of research of Veternica cave on Medvednica Mt. and 20 years of research of deep caves in Croatia, Zagreb Speleological Federation is organizing an exhibition: "Zagreb caving - yesterday, today and tomorrow", which will be formally opened on May 2nd 2013, at 20.00, in the gallery / atrium of the City Administration of the City of Zagreb, Trg Stjepana Radica 1. The sponsor of the exhibition is Mr. Milan Bandić, the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, who will also inaugurate the exhibition.

The exhibition is the first in a series of promotional, public and media activities of Zagreb Speleological Association in 2013. With this exhibition Zagreb Speleological Federation is hoping to contribute to the celebration of the great caving anniversaries, and also to announce yet another extraordinary feat of Zagreb and croatian caving - the largest caving and diving expedition in the 2013 year, Lukina pit, siphon 2013.

Along with photographs, caving and diving equipment and video projections, for the opening ceremony the organizers also planned a short performance in which cavers will participate with ropes and lighting effects. The goal of the entire event is to popularize and bring caving closer to the general public - as a technical as well as scientific activity whose purpose is to explore the unknown underground world along with evaluation and protection of underground for future generations. We therefore invite all cavers from Zagreb and Croatian, friends and supporters to attend and greatly increase the grand opening of the exhibition.

After the opening ceremony there will be an informal gathering with refreshments, and in the premises of SO HPD Željeznicar, Trnjanska 5b, where evening entertainment will be provided, also including the caving band.