The Red Book of Cave Fauna of Croatia

The Red Book of Cave Fauna of Croatia is the newest addition to the Red Book series. This is also the second Red Book, after The Red Book of Dragonflies, to provide information on Croatia's threatened invertebrates. This book covers the fauna of cave habitats and includes only those taxa that primarily inhabit cave habitats, i.e. troglobionts and stygobionts. This Red Book covers a total of 186 threatened taxa.

Categories of threat of all taxa were determined according to the IUCN Categories & Criteria, and the appropriate conservation measures are proposed. The IUCN divisions according to the threat status show that the largest number of taxa (70) are vulnerable (VU), followed by critically endangered (CR, 60) and endangered (EN, 49). For 2 taxa there are insufficient data to determine the threat status.

The Red Book is published by Ministry of Culture and State Institute for Nature Protection in cooperation with Croatian Biospeleological Society. This book is the world's first Red Book of cave fauna. This book will serve to promote the natural qualities of Croatia, to raise public awareness of this special feature of Croatia, and contribute to the conservation of these very threatened cave habitats and the fauna within. The Red Book is published in Croatian language with chapter Introduction in English.

You can download Foreword and Contents here.

Reference: Ozimec, R., Bedek, J., Gottstein, S., Jalžić, B., Slapnik, R., Štamol, V., Bilandžija, H., Dražina, T., Kletečki, E., Komerički, A., Lukić, M., Pavlek, M., 2009: Red book of Croatian cave dwelling fauna, Ministarstvo kulture, Državni Zavod za zaštitu prirode, Zagreb, pp. 371