Catalogue of cave type localities of Croatian fauna

Publishing this Catalogue,the cave type localities of croatian fauna have, for the first time, been listed in a single place. All taxa described are listed, irrespective of their ecological status or the degree of their adaptation to cavernicolous habitats. A few of them are trogloxene taxa, and the majorities is adapted to cavernicolous habitats and are troglophilic and troglobitic taxa. Many of the listed taxa are endemic to the Dinaric Alps, and among them are a large number are Croatian endemics. This Catalogue is published by Croatian Natural History Museum and CBSS, and financed by State Institute for Nature Protection.

The Catalogue of Croatian Fauna Cavernicolous Type Localities was created as a result of the project »Production of a biospeleology survey, education and popularisation leading to protection of the biosphere of the undergorund of Croatia «, which the authors, as members of the CBSS carried out in 2000 and 2001 in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning of the Republic of Croatia. The project leader was B. Jalžić, and for the elaboration of the Study of the same name, the Ministry gave the CBSS the first prize for an overall contribution to environmental protection for the year 2002. Thanks to a positive evaluation of this Study, a further three-year program (2003 – 2005) was accepted and Project continued with collection of the missing literature, data base formation and further field work.

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Reference: Bedek, J., Gottstein Matočec, S., Jalžić, B., Ozimec, R. & Štamol, V., 2006: Catalogue of cave type localities of Croatian fauna. Natura Croatica, Vol. 15, Suppl. 1, pp.154.