Forgotten caves of Pelješac

In the period from November 6th – 13th 2020, we visited Pelješac again, this time as part of the “Forgotten caves of Pelješac” project, financed by a donation from the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

During the 2nd Biospeleological Expedition – Pelješac 2019, we found out from the local people about 15 pits and caves for which they don’t know their exact locations. We tried to find some of them, in addition to other activities during the expedition, but without success. Through this project, we concentrated on finding those forgotten entrances.

Hard-to-reach terrain, in many cases overgrown with thick maquis, did not make the job any easier. Despite this, we managed to locate two caves and one pit, make topographical maps and collect fauna. After the morning, which was reserved for searching for forgotten entrances, we visited already known caves during the afternoon. We repeated the topographical maps for some, and in some, we additionally collected the fauna.

Pelješac has shown its wild beauty this time as well, and we are eagerly awaiting the return.