Lecture “Egypt”

Lecturers: Tatjana Vujnović and Helena Bilandžija

If you are interested in where the whales in the Sahara come from, how the ancient Egyptians knew that a flood was coming, how Sinai is both the most dangerous and the safest place in the Middle East, how to bargain unsuccessfully with a charioteer in Luxor, who is the Croat that all Egyptians know, how to get a lunch price as locals, how to buy a train ticket, what is the worst day to go to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, how time is counted in Egypt, how to go on a trip to Sinai, how to sail upstream, why Egyptian women do not work in tourism, how to buy a souvenir from a woman, why it’s not hot at 42 ᵒC, what true hospitality looks like and much more, come on Monday, January 20, 2020, at 8 p.m. to the premises of the Croatian Biospeleological Society, Lomnička 3a.