Lecture “International Speleological Expedition Mt Sedom 2019, Israel”

Salt, sand, and Sodom – caving below (every) sea level “International speleological expedition Mount Sedom 2019”

From February 22nd to March 4th, 2019, the “Israel Cave Explorers Club” and the “Israel Cave Research Center” from the “Hebrew University of Jerusalem” from Israel, and the speleological club “Sofia” from Bulgaria organized an international speleological expedition in the area of Mt Sedom along the coast of the Dead Sea in Israel. The aim of the expedition was to explore Malham Cave, potentially the longest salt cave in the world.

At the presentation, hear about speleological research in the desert landscape of Mt Sedom, Malham Cave which was formed in salt deposits and is currently the longest salt cave in the world, as well as something about the Dead Sea, flora and fauna, and overall impressions from Israel.

The lecture was prepared by Petra Kutleša, Matija Čepelak, Marta Malenica and Branko Jalžić.