Lecture “Predation, Sex, and Cave Colonization by Gammarus minus

Sexually mature body sizes among groundwater resurgence or spring populations of the amphipod crustacean Gammarus minus are the result of a balance between size-selective predation by sculpin fishes (Cottus sp.) favoring small size and intra-sexual selection favoring large size. In springs with sculpins, small mature females produce fewer eggs, thus the intensity of competition among males for larger females is weak while the risk of predation of mating pairs is high. In springs without sculpins, large mature females produce more eggs, thus the intensity of competition among males for large females is strong while predation risk is zero. Escape from fish predation may be a strong driver for the initial colonization of subterranean cave streams in G. minus.
Professor Fong received his PhD in 1985 from Northwestern University, USA. He is a professor at the American University, Washington DC, USA since 1988. After his very productive career, Prof. Fong made a number of discoveries and improved a number of disciplines within biospeleology. In addition, he has made an important contribution to the conservation of underground organizations and the education of younger colleagues in the karst and cave sciences.

Monday, October 21st, 2019, 19:00, CBSS premises.