Volume III of the Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna was published!

We are happy to present The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna, Volume III. Since the publication of the Volume II of the Atlas in 2013 until today, the number of type localities has risen from 271 to 331 and of described taxa from 427 to 520. Projects success is mainly due to a dedicated voluntary work of many members of CBSS, and a fruitful collaboration with many other speleologists and biologists.

In Volume III are presented 70 selected cave type localities with 116 attributing taxa. Each cave locality is presented with the following information: photograph of the entrance, a map of the cave with basic information about it, a photograph (or illustration) of every described taxon with information on the body size, a short text about the cave and its fauna, and finally, a list of references for the locality and the type taxa. The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna, Volume III is available in Croatian and English.

You can download the preface here: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://www.hbsd.hr/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Atlas-3_Predgovor.pdf

The aim of this richly illustrated book is to present the work of cavers and cave-biologists, but also to introduce the general public to the unique values of the Croatian underworld.

The Atlas team would like to thank individuals, societies and institutions whose assistance enabled the completion of this Atlas.

Atlas Volume III is priced at 200,00 kn (27 €) as well as Volume II. And the set Volume II + Volume III is 350,00 kn (50 €).

You can buy the Atlas:
1. By visiting us at our premises
2. Ordering by contact e-mail (hbsd@hbsd.hr) – an order must contain general information about the customer (full name of person/society/company, address).