Green Zagorje 2023

For years, the Biology Students Association – BIUS has been an example of good professional and social practice in the education of young biologists who, working in sections of interest, gain experience and improve their formal education. Many active members of CBSS derive their interest and love for biospeleology from the Biospeleology section of BIUS.

The central project of BIUS, populary called „Great Fieldwork“, is a research and educational project through which students explore Croatia’s biodiversity and composition of biological communities in selected areas. Furthermore, young biologists learn about field research and the implementation of scientific projects. This year, the jubilee 25th edition of Great Fieldwork is organized by the young members of CBSS, Paula Šimunčić and Dora Kermek. The decision of the research location fell on Hrvatsko zagorje region, more precisely Radoboj, a small village near Strahinjčica mountain.

A total of 18 BIUS sections, including the Biospeleological section, participated in the spring term of the Great Fieldwork (April 29 – May 6). Many CBSS members also came to Radoboj for help and support. Cave fauna was carried out in 8 caves, pits and mines along Hrvatsko Zagorje: Grobnica, Hanžekova jama, Dopolanščica, Sutinščica, Vindija, Rudnik Kraševski zviri, Mačkova pećina and Hanžekica. All collected data will be combined in the Proceedings of the project and Biodiversity Map.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the: Javna ustanova  za upravljanje zaštićenim dijelovima Krapinsko-zagorske županije, Gljivarsko društvo “Lisičica” Pregrada, Croatian Biospeleological Society and The Association for Bat Conservation Tragus.