Green Zagorje 2023

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Green Zagorje 2023 For years, the Biology Students Association - BIUS has been an example of good professional and social practice in the education of young biologists who, working in sections of interest, gain experience and improve their formal education. Many active members of CBSS derive their interest and love for biospeleology from the Biospeleology

Subterranean fauna of the Lukina jama–Trojama cave system

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Subterranean fauna of the Lukina jama–Trojama cave system Velebit Mt. has a special place in the hearts of Croats, and cavers talk about explorations of its pits with a smile on their faces. We like to brag about the richness of Velebit's subterranean fauna, but we did not have a published checklist. Last week, a


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#RestoreNature We need nature. Nature is the basis of our food production and we all know that. Wetlands, forests, grasslands, marine habitats… all of them play a crucial role in regulating the climate and are vital to our survival. But did you know 80% of European nature is in bad shape? Luckily, all hope is

Research in the Jama nasuprot Torka pit

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Research in the Jama nasuprot Torka pit, Krka National Park Jama nasuprot Torka is a pit located in the Čikola river canyon, Krka National Park. It is habitat of the Cave tube-worm (Marifugia cavatica), the only known representative of the Serpulidae family that lives in caves. The species and can be found only in underground


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SpeleoBacilli Last year, the Microbiology Section of the Biology Students Association – BIUS implemented the project "SpeleoBacilli - 2022". The samples were collected in the caves and pits of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Find out what they found at the lecture on: March 20, 2022, Lomnička 3 (behind Vjesnik), premises of Savski Kuti Local

BIUS Učka Underground 2022

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BIUS Učka Underground 2022 In 2022, students from the Biospeleology Section of the Biology Students Association – BIUS carried out the project "Učka Underground 2022". They visited caves and pits in the Učka Nature Park and in the immediate vicinity, held lectures for children, youth and the local residents. Most importantly, they gathered valuable knowledge

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