CBSS in the media


  • Monograph „Caves of the Island of Mljet in pictures and words” attracted the media’s attention. Internet portal Dubrovački list published an article announcing the book’s printing on April 26, and internet portals Glas Istre, N1 and Slobodna Dalmacija on August 18 published an article about the monograph.
  • During Dnevnik 2 at HRT1, on 11 January was aired a report about new springtail species from Krka National Park, Lepidocyrtus chorus.


  • Description of the new spider species Harpactea mateparlovi attracted a lot of attention on portals and newspapers, on HINA and 24sata portal on September 11.
  • An interwiev with Hrvoje Cvitanović was published in Karlovački tjednik.


  • Martina Pavlek was a guest on December 27 on the show Oko znanosti on the 1st program of Hrvatski radio on the topic of Cave spiders.
  • Nikolina Kuharić was a guest in the show Eko pitanja – Eko odgovori on radio Korčula.
  • 2nd Biospeleological Expedition was part of the news on radio Soundset Ragusa.
  • In the show Prometej on HRT4, an interview with Daniela Hamidović and K. Ivanišin was shown, along with the videos from Boris Krstinić.


  • Scientific paper Bilandžija H, Abraham L, Ma L, Renner KJ, Jeffery WR. 2018 Behavioural changes controlled by catecholaminergic systems explain recurrent loss of pigmentation in cavefish. Proc. R. Soc. Biology 285: 20180243 got a recommendation F1000 (Faculty of 1000 – an international association of scientists who follow new scientific work and select those that are very interesting to the general audience or have a significant breakthrough in their field.). A popular scientific article about the same paper was published in Journal of Experimental Biology Sarah Alderman: Cavefish compromise colour for catecholamine-kick. 2018. doi: 10.1242/jeb.170092


  • Internet portal Makarsko primorje published an article announcing the 1st Biospeleological Expedition – Biokovo 2017 on June 11.
  • An article was published in 24 sata newspapers on July 30 about the results of the 1st Biospeleological Expedition – Biokovo 2017. The news of the Expedition was also announced by Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper on July 10, and Novi list on its website on September 14.
  • Martina Pavlek was a guest on 18 March on the show “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska” on the topic of the HiddenLife project, on 31 March in the show “Znanstveni krugovi”, and on 3 April on the show “Znanstveni koncentrat” on Hrvatski radio.
  • In the show “Znanstveni krugovi” Ana Komerički was also a guest, on 30 October on the topic of subterranean centipedes.


  • On the September 23, Martina Pavlek was on the HRT show “Znanstveni krugovi” to talk about the discovery of a new insect from order Diptera.
  • Marko Lukić was a guest on HRT show “Znanstveni krugovi” on September 30, and talked about the discovery of a new species of Collembola.


  • On June 2, the internet portal Slobodna Dalmacija published the article “Speleologists discovered a cave larger than the cave Kraljičina špilja”, which talks about scientific research in caves and mines on the island of Vis.
  • On April 20, the article “Clams thought to have been extinct were found” was published on the HRT internet portal. The article emphasized the new scientific research of the underground clam Congeria.


  • On January 13, a free magazine Metkovski Vjesnik published an article on the research of the Čočina jama cave entitled “Čočina jama in the light of the day”.
  • Jana Bedek and Neven Bočić were guests on a children’s show “Školski sat”, broadcasted on January 30 on HRT 1.
  • On the internet portal Slobodna Dalmacija on March 27, the article “In Predolac lives the only underground clam in the world” was published. As part of this article, a brochure about Jama in Predolac was promoted.


  • On June 15, Jana Bedek and Marko Lukić attended the HTV show “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska” on HRT 1.
  • On June 17, Jana Bedek and Kazimir Miculinić were guests on the show “Od zvijezde do zvijezde”, on TV 4 rijeke.
  • On July 7, Jana Bedek appeared on a science show “Iz svijeta znanosti” on Radio Sljeme.
  • On July 7, “Večernji list” newspaper published a four-page article on the project “Protection of the Cave Type Localities in the Dinarides”.
  • British speleological magazine Descent published an article about the project “Protection of the Cave Type Localities in the Dinarides”.
  • Jana Bedek and Katarina Milković appeared on the show “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska” on HRT 1.
  • In October, Jana Bedek was a guest on the HTV TV show “Hrvatska uživo”.
  • The CBSS, in cooperation with the Baštinik Association from Metković, organized the forum “Congeria kusceri and us”, which got media coverage from


  • Franica Kljaković Gašpić, Petra Kovač-Konrad, Vedran Jalžić and Branko Jalžić visited HRT’s show “More”. They spoke of the Medova buža and Jamina caves.
  • Branko Jalžić was guest on the show “Epursi muove” where he talked about the Lukina jama and the new discoveries.
  • Branko Jalžić, Marijana Cukrov and Neven Cukrov talked about sulfuric caves in Mokošica on HRT in the show “More”.
  • Martina Pavlek was guest in the HRT show “Znanstvena petica”.
  • On HTV’s show “Trenutak spoznaje”, Marko Lukić and Jana Bedek spoke about speleological and biospeleological research.
  • On February 1, Neven Buzjak and Marko Lukić presented a professional seminar on the protection of caves and underground fauna in the HTV program “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska”. The seminar was held from January 30th to 31st 2010 in the City of Ogulin.
  • The first free newspaper in Ogulin, Ogulin Info, published an article on the expert seminar on the protection of caves and underground fauna organized by CBSS, Speleological section of PDS “Velebit”, Speleological Club “Samobor”, Speleological section of HPD “Željezničar” and the City of Ogulin.
  • On August 13, the “Novi list newspaper” published an article about the speleodive of Branko Jalžić in Lukina jama cave to a depth of 1421 m.
  • On October 1, “Metkovski Vjesnik” newspaper published a printed article on the new research of Jama in Predolac cave organized by CBSS and the Baštinik Association.


  • The exhibition “Mljet Underworld” was presented on the HTV show, “Trenutak spoznaje”, and Branko Jalžić and Kazimir Miculinić presented the results of the research on the island of Mljet on the show “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska”.
  • During 2009, the movie “World under World” was filmed as part of the project “Biodiversity of the Underground Fauna of Karlovac County”. Project manager Jana Bedek appeared on the HTV show “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska”, during which sections of the movie were shown. In addition to appearing on this show, Jana Bedek held several interviews for local television and radio stations.
  • In 2009, web pages of the Croatian Biospeleology Society were posted. The website at that time contained all the necessary information about CBSS, annual reports, project information, cave fauna, and many other interesting things. In 2010, the website was complemented with information on animal groups, projects, donors and sponsors. A photo gallery was also created.
  • The article “Secret Life in the Womb of the Mountain” was published in a double issue of “Nedjeljni vjesnik” on 28 and 29 March. The article was about the discovery of the endemic sprintail on Biokovo Mt.
  • The daily newspaper “Vjesnik” published two big articles, one on speleological and biospeleological research on the island of Mljet, and the other on the significance and threats to the Dinaric cave clam, Congeria kusceri.
  • On December 5, HRT 1 showed the documentary film “Panthera spelaea“, about  the Vrtare male cave in Dramalj near Crikvenica. The film featured Kazimir Miculinić, Vedran Jalžić, Ana Komerički and Branko Jalžić.


  • A report on the research and protection of long-fingered bat was broadcasted twice on the HRT 1 show “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska”.
  • A report on the research and protection of long-fingered bat was aired on HRT1 central news “Dnevnik” during June 2008.
  • On October 28, the printed edition of “Večernji list” newspaper published an article “A new species of beetles and amphipods found in caves”. The article wrote about biospeleological research in the Papuk Mt.
  • On December 6, the Internet edition of the “Glas Istre” published the article “The olm lives in Pula” which reported on a new finding of the cave amphibian in the area of the City of Pula.


  • Danijela Hamidović participated in the game show “Kviskoteka” on NOVA TV television program in May 2007, with the aim of popularization of bats protection and the need for scientific bat research.
  • In December, HRT 1 program broadcasted the “Znanstvena petica” show with a profile of scientist Danijela Hamidović, highlighting the importance and need for scientific research on bats.
  • A show about the cave Vrtare Male was made for the HTV, and featured clips from D. Pelić’s film shot in the cave during excavation.
  • HTV produced a show about a book on Lukina jama cave in which Branko Jalžić appeard as the main editor of the first book about a cave in Croatia.
  • On June 14, the “24sata” newspaper published a short news on research from HBSD in the Suhodol cave on Papuk Mt.
  • In the printed issue of “Vjesnik” newspaper from May 21, the article “The Ancient Habitat of the “Southern Elephants”” was published as the main topic. The article covered the speleodive and paleontological discoveries in the Vrtare male cave.
  • In a double issue of “Jutarnji list” newspaper from October 7 and 8, an article on paleontological discoveries in the Vrtare Male pit “Bald lion from Dramalj drowned in a cave” was published.
  • On October 6 and 26, “Večernji list” newspaper published a short report about speleological and biospeleological research in the Suhodol cave on the Papuk Mt. and caves in the vicinity of the Jankovac mountain lodge.


  • At the beginning of 2006, a press conference was held on the occasion of describing two new species and two new genus of underground planktonic crustaceans belonging to Calanoid order, which inhabit the anhialine caves of Croatian islands. The papers were published by academic Franko Kršinić from the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries from Dubrovnik. The results were also shared by “Vjesnik” newspaper in a double issue from March 11 and 12 under the title “The living fossils on Hvar and Korčula”, and “Novi list” newspaper on 3 March entitled “Croatian islands were hiding the lost world of living fossils”.
  • In the double issue of “Vjesnik” newspaper, on May 27 and 28, the article “Private interest or protection of the unique cave in the world” was published. The article wrote about the Špilja u kamenolomu Tounj (Tounj quarry cave), its biospeleological wealth and potential cave protection.
  • On June 21, “Večernji list” newspaper published an article “Destroying the underground world of the Dobra river canyon” . The article warned about the damage of the construction of hydropower plant Lešće, and also mentioned its negative impact on biospeleological diversity.
  • On July 6, “Vjesnik” newspaper, published an article on biospeleological research in the Dinarids under the title “Our karst beauties cry for the protection”.
  • On the occasion of the publication of the “Catalogue of cave type localities of Croatian fauna”, a press conference was held on November 21, 2006 in the Educational Center of the Zagreb ZOO.
  • In 2006, CBSS members appeard o the HTV and collaborated on reports, especially for TV shows “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska”, “Trenutak spoznaje”, “Znanstvena petica” and “Umnjak”.


  • Well known reporter Joško Martinović made a 7,5 minutes report for the HTV Sports HQ about bats and subterranean fauna research in Veternica cave. The story was made for the broadcast of FIS Alpine Ski World Cup from Zagreb in 2005. The report was shown on HTV on 20 January 2005. The viewership was exceptional, and bats and numerous underground invertebrates were shown.
  • A press conference was held on March 1, 2005, about a scientific paper “Three new species and one new genus of ultraspecialized cave dwelling Leptodirinae from Croatia (Coleoptera, Cholevidae)” published in the scientific journal Natura Croatica.
  • On September 2, “Slobodna Dalmacija” newspaper published the news on natural sciences research in Kokorići near Vrgorac under the title “Biospeleologists descended to the Betina subterranean river”.
  • In the double issue of “Vjesnik” newspaper on September 10 and 11, the article “Vjetrenica richer than Postojna” was published, which talked about biospeleological research in the Vjetrenica cave.
  • The regional double edition of “Večernji list” newspaper published on August 4 and 5 featured an article on paleontological discoveries in a cave Vrtare Male called “30,000 years old bones were found in Dramalj”.
  • On August 31, 2005, “Novi list” newspaper  published the article “The Vrtare Male cave hides a spectacular discovery” which covered the paleontological discoveries in the cave.
  • During 2005, members of HBSD appeared on  HTV shows “Trenutak spoznaje” and “Znanstvena petica”, as well as on radio shows, of which we single out Jana Bedek on Ogulin Radio with the theme “Ogulin cave sponge and its protection”.


  • Jana Bedek, Roman Ozimec, Branko Jalžić and Danijela Hamidović appeared on several HTV science shows where they presented CBSS and cave animal research projects.
  • On June 3, “Večernji list” newspaper published news of underground sponge research.
  • On June 5, “Karlovački list” newsaper published a story on the start of systematic research of the endangered freshwater sponge.
  • On June 10, “Karlovački tjednik” weekly newspaper published a brief notice with the title “The only one in the World”, on the protection of the only freshwater sponge in the world.
  • Published in the Večernji list newspaper on 3 November, the article “Clarification of the Ogulin Sponge is starting” writes about the biospeleological research of the mentioned sponge.
  • The “Ogulinski list” newspaper published an article on the protection of the underground sponge Eunapius subterraneus on 6 November.


  • Jana Bedek and Roman Ozimec appeared on HTV on the science show where they presented CBSS and explorations of the underground fauna.
  • Branko Jalžić appeared on HTV and presented a finding on a cave bear discovered by members of the CBSS on Biokovo Mt. The news was also published by the Večernji list newspaper on July 21.
  • On November 30, “Nedjeljni vjesnik” newspaper published the news of underground sponge research in the Gorski Kotar.


  • On the occasion of the publication of the book Encyclopaedia Biospeleologica, Volume 3, a press conference was organized on the 18th April 2002 at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Zagreb, which 20 journalists attended. Academician Milan Meštrov gave an introductory lecture on the importance of underground fauna of Croatia.
  • In 2002, Roman Ozimec published numerus science-popular articles on the underground fauna in the magazine “Meridijani”, and also appeared in several shows on HTV.