Croatian Biospeleological Society attaches great importance to informing and educating the public, especially the young, about the values of subterranean ecosystems and the need to protect and preserve them. Therefore, CBSS regularly holds interactive workshops in a number of annual events on the theme of science and biology, but also includes education within its projects, when there is space and interest for it.

As part of the project “Biodiversity of subterranean fauna of Karlovac County” and on the occasion of opening of the exhibition “World under World” in 2009, educational lectures were held in primary and high schools in Ogulin and Kamanje Regions. In 2014, as part of the project “Life under the City – the richest cave ecosystem in the world”, educational lectures and workshops were held in primary and high schools in Dubrovnik. One of project activities was also the event “The night of cave animals”, an interesting manifestation for all the citizens of Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Within the 2015 project “Biospeleological research of the Židovske jame cave – NATURA 2000 area in Gornja Stubica municipality”, lectures and workshops for school children in the Krapina-Zagorje County were held.

Members of CBSS are active in the media, as well. You could have seen us on the HRT in the educational show for children and youth “Školski sat” with the theme of underworld, or in a little more serious show “Znanstveni krugovi”, where we presented species of springtails and flies, which were unknown to science untill recently. As a result of numerous studies and projects, many exhibitions have been opened with the theme of Biospeleology throughout Croatia, and several leaflets have been printed to promote the protection of the underground and its inhabitants.