The Croatian Biospeleological Society achieves most of its goals through projects. Since our goals include research, protection and conservation of cave fauna and habitats, raising public awareness of biodiversity, endangerment and importance of caves and cave fauna conservation, and validation, protection, promotion and conservation of caves, the projects are related to the stated goals.

From our projects, we would like to single out the research of the cave type localities of Croatia – our longest project active since 2000. This project yielded several important results, including the “Catalogue of cave type localities od Croatian fauna” that was published as a special issue of the scientific journal Natura Croatica, as well as two volumes of a scientific and popular book “The Cave Type Localities Atlas of Croatian Fauna”. Another important project, which was conducted in 2011 and funded by Whitley Fund for Nature, was aimed at investigating other cave type localities in Dinarides and creating the Biospeologica Dinarica database..

Some of our projects that received more media attention in 2017 are „ The development of monitoring methodology for protected species of cave invertebrates and their habitats, and its implementation” and „Development of monitoring methodology through research of subterranean invertebrates of Šibenik-Knin County“ whose results attracted the attention of BBC.