Finished projects

Inventory and analysis of cave fauna on Dinara Mt. based on existing published and collections data

Croatian Biospeleological Society (CBSS) was engaged during 2008 by State Institute for Nature Protection for this project. Results of the project will be used by State Institute for the future conservation of Dinara Mt.

All relevant published data about cave fauna of Dinara Mt. was examined in detail. Data from Collections are also included in the Final report. Biological material in Collections is gathered by the individuals during their speleological research or by biospeleologists during some of the projects conducted in project area. These projects and speleological research camps are: “Production of a Biospeleological cadastre, Education and Popularization leading to protection of the Biosphere of the Underground of Croatia” conducted by CBSS, “The Dinaric Alps Rare Habitats and Species Conservation Project, Croatia” conducted by Croatian Natural History Museum and CBSS, speleological camps on Cetina river throughout many years conducted by the Speleological club Željezničar, speleological camps “Vrdovo 2008 and 2009” conducted by the Speleological club Samobor, speleological camp “Nevidna voda 2008” conducted by the Speleological club Mosor.

Complete Checklist with the taxonomic, ecological and biogeographical analysis of the cave fauna is presented in the Final report, finished in December 2009. The most important and endangered caves, type localities and endangered cave fauna are extracted. Altogether, 99 taxons have been recorded for the project area, out of which 26 are troglobites and 13 stigobites. Ten recorded species are endemic to Dinara Mt., and 12 species are Croatian endemic. Biospeleological cadastre of Dinara Mt. in Excel file is enclosed with the Final report.

Large areas of Dinara Mt. are still unexplored and there are no data at all about caves and pits of those areas. One of the reasons is that these areas are far away from the nearest roads and houses. For the further exploration of the Dinara Mt. long-term systematic speleological and biospeleological research are needed.

Project team and authors of the Final report are:

Marko Lukić – (project leader),
Mr. sc. Roman Ozimec,
Dr. sc. Sanja Gottstein,
Branko Jalžić,
Jana Bedek,
Martina Pavlek and
Tvrtko Dražina.