Finished projects

Monitoring of bats in caves Izvor rijeke Bijele and Golubnjača

Number of bats in caves is monitored in many European countries. In Croatia monitoring of wild animals is proposed in Nature Protection Act (NG No. 70/05, 139/08, 57/11) and in Strategy and Action plan for the Conservation of Biological and Landscape Diversity of Croatia (NG No. 81/99, 143/08).

CBSS is monitoring bats in caves in Nature Park Medvednica, Nature Park Vransko Lake and Krka National Park. In 2011. monitoring of bats in caves Izvor rijeke Bijele and Golubnjača is initiated in Zadar County.

In this two caves species Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Rh. hipposideros, Rh. euryale, Myotis myotis/blythii, M. capaccinii i Miniopterus schreibersii are recorded. Monitoring of bats in these caves is made according to Eurobats Publication Series No5. This project was financed by Public Institution for the management of protected natural areas in Zadar County.