Lecture “Bat research in Nietoperek (Poland) and the Lokrum island”

Lecturers: Daniela Hamidović and Boris Krstinić

Two research will be presented: the census of bats in Nietoperek (Poland, 2019) and the film “Telemetry of bats on the Lokrum island” (2017).
“Nietoperek” is the 8th largest bat hibernation location in Europe according to EUROBATS. The large complex built by the Germans during World War II is located in western Poland, near the border with Germany, and consists of over 32 km of abandoned tunnels that reach a depth of over 30 meters. 12 species of bats have been recorded in the tunnels.
Telemetry of bats on the island of Lokrum in cooperation with the public institution “Rezervat Lokrum” and the Vincent Wildlife Trust, of the species Plecotus kolombatovici, was carried out during the summer of 2017. A 14-minute film was made about that research and will be presented during the lecture.

Monday, December 16th, 2019, at 20:00 on CBSS premises.