Lecture „Evolution in the dark“

On Monday, June 3rd, on the premises of the Croatian Biospeleological society, Lomnička 3, Helena Bilandžija, PhD, will give a talk about the formation of a new cave biology research group at Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Department of Molecular Biology. She will present some of her previous research that led to receiving a 5-year grant „Evolution in the dark“ within the program Excellence in higher education – Tenure track pilot project financed by a joint Croatian and Swiss initiative.

If you come, you will find out how animals colonize new environments and are able to survive in extreme habitats as well as how new morphological or physiological traits arise. In addition, she will present the project, vision of the new laboratory, and job opportunities within the new research group.

If you have an interest in evolutionary biology and are considering a scientific career, this may be your opportunity!