The book „Caves of the Island of Mljet in pictures and words” has just been published thanks to the long-standing cooperation between CBSS and the National Park Mljet Mljet National Park

The book contains the knowledge and results of research in the caves of Mljet coming from different research fields such as geology, geomorphology, archaeology, speleology and biospeleology. It also shows the history of research on the island as well as a detailed display of every explored cave on the island. 17 authors share credit for its making, alongside numerous explorers, various contributors, reviewers and we’re especially grateful to the local guides for their willingness, enthusiasm and help in the field without whom many caves and pits on the island would have remained forgotten.
By publishing this book, we would like to illustrate and bring closer the rich subterranean world of the Island of Mljet to all visitors of this island and the general public, as the beauty and particularity of this world can easily be overlooked due to its seclusion and difficult accessibility.