Call for 3rd Biospeleological Expedition – Mali Šibenik 2021

After much thought and deliberation, we decided to organize the 3rd Biospeleological Expedition this year. The expedition is organized by CBSS and Breganja. As the research area, we chose the area we call “Mali Šibenik”, but in fact we haven’t even managed to scratch the surface of Mali Šibenik Mt. in the hinterland of Vrgorac. The culprit is the large number of caves and pits near the camp and the interesting fauna that lives in them.
More systematic research of the area began in 2018 with the Breganja and SAK Ekstrem associations. At that time, 11 caves and pits were found, and another 11 were surveyed. There were also a lot of biologists on the field who collected fauna, which turned out to be among the most interesting in our region. You can find more about the research here.
Then, a new species of beetle was found for the first time, the description of which can be found here.
This autumn we invite you to join us between October 28th and November 1st at the 3rd Biospeleological Expedition – Mali Šibenik 2021! The plan is to continue research in Ošlja jama pit after 100 m of depth, to collect fauna in the Jasena ponor pit near Ravča and to collect cave fauna on the plateau in the vicinity of Bokšići village. For those who are more into classic speleological exploration, there is plenty of space for such activities.
We will be located in Bokšići, an old village accessible by an average-height car. Due to the inexhaustible kindness of Dragan Bokšić – Rašo, we will have access to water, a toilet and a kitchen. Sleeping is in tents. There will be no registration fee for food, but anyone who is uncomfortable by that, is welcome to come with a local product. 🙂
Contact for registration: (095/905-7963) (095/9072-779)
See you!